Friday, 10 June 2016

Superhero on a Mission

Walt: write a narrative story about a superhero

One day in the quiet City of Auckland the kids at Point England school where working on their literacy task. All of a sudden they all heard a big sound of explosion Ka-boom. Syriah said “help” Lishana asked “someone needs to help us”  and Sheena shouted “someone call the flame!!! Help us please someone help us said Penny.

When they called the flame he arrived at Point England school like the flash. But when he arrived he saw Doctor Evil. He said catch me if you can Ha ha. After all that disaster the kids and the teachers were worried about Doctor Evil. They thought that he defeated the flame and took over the world. As they looked out the window there was Doctor Evil and flame. Flame lifted up Doctor Evil and through him of the building.

At Point England School everyone was safe from the Evil Doctor. The flame was of and once they thought he didn’t exist they finally got to meet him. They were all excited to meet him because he is a superhero. They asked him is this a dream of is this real. Flame giggled this is no dream my furry friend. Once they met him they weren't in trouble anymore. They all had fun together like they were playing something.

As the night went on there was an attack in someone’s house. There was a fire and everything was on the floor smashed. When they woke up they could smell something and that was the oven in the kitchen. Someone could have sneaked in and turned the oven right up and left it. So there was some people awake but they didn’t do it. So after people helped put the fire out Penny went to go and help Sheena out of the house.

They all knew who it was. It was Doctor Evil he came back to destroy people so he could rule the world he want’s to have it. He tried to destroy flame but the flame was to powerful for him he was like not the right man for him to challenge. When the fire was out Sheena got burnt on her arm. She was screaming like she got stabbed.

When the flame came again he discovered that Doctor Evil has came back. He will keep on fighting until the flame dies. He said come and catch me if you can. But when he followed him he disappeared. He was gone and know one could find him. First he ran on the roof and then he ran somewhere else. Everyone was really worried about their home. They thought it was going to catch on fire but only on did.

When they tried to put the fire out they found matches. When they found it the house collapsed. But when they rescued came out they rescued Sheena. Her leg was red.

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