Thursday, 7 July 2016

A Real Life Hero

Walt: Explain and describe a real life hero Success
 Criteria (WILF): Can write detailed paragraphs
 and use personal voice to retell Paul Martin's visit
Can use interesting words in our writing
Our writing makes sense
A Real Life Hero is a person that protects or defend others if they are in danger. A Real Life Hero protects people from getting hurt or who need help like Fire Fighters, Ambulance, Nurses, Doctors and Police Officers are all examples of a real life everyday heroes.

My Real Life Hero is my dad. He always encourages me when I play sports like Netball. My dad is a Real Hero because he always take care of us. He drops us off to school and he always take us somewhere. He always feeds us at home or when we go somewhere to eat.

My dad is my Real Life hero because he is nice and kind to other people because if people are nice to him then he will be nice to them.

I love my dad because he is always a hero.

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