Thursday, 24 November 2016

Year 6 Camp Kawau Island

Walt: Write a detailed recount about our experience to Kawau Island

Far away from home for 3 days on Kawau Island. On Tuesday the 15th of November year 6 student went to Kawau island. But when we went the year 5 and two year 6 students went to Motat. When we went to Kawau island we saw stingrays and six Orca's.

When we went kayaking the wind blew 3 people over in the water. There are 4 teams but we line up in our A and B lines sometime’s.

The teams that was there was Katz, Kawau, Mansion and Benson. It was fun because we watched movies and played games. The movie we watched was The Princess's Bride and the game we played well it wasn’t more like a game it was like a dancing competition.

Every morning we would always hear the Bugle and it would wake us up at 6:30 - 7:00 and go for our run. It was so tiring because there was heaps of hills that went up. For Breakfast I had porridge with brown sugar and it taste nice.

For Afternoon Tea we had hot food. For Dinner we had hot food and bread. After we finished we had desert. There was Jelly, Ice cream, Chocolate sauce, Sprinkles and Waffy’s. I had a little bit of everything. It taste delicious.

We would practice our item for our camp. When we finished and it was dark we would go get changed, Brush our Teeth, Get our Torches and go outside on the deck ready to play spotlight.

But when we finished they told us to go to bed and the time was 11:30 - 12:00. But one the next day it felt strange but I don’t know why.

When the Bugle went off it wasn’t noisy. It was so quiet. The very first thing we did was get up get our Toothbrush and Toothpaste.

Once we did all activities we got to have a swim. When Sabrina came on she went to go jump and I pushed her but when she came on she said “Who pushed me” and everyone said Shelley!!

When we finished we got to have a shower but it was only for 3 minutes. Because if we take too long we would miss out on Dinner.

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