Friday, 10 February 2017

Journal Reflection

                          Journal Reflection
This year I have enjoyed being with my friends. I have really liked this year because it has been fun. Some people in our class a really funny and they act like Clowns and all sorts of other things.

This year in 2017 it has been difficult because they have assembly's everyday in the morning's. It is really weird because sometime's they go into maths classes but not all the time. For literacy, Reading and Writing we stay in it every day.

But the things that are new are cool. Having a own desk of your own it is better. The reason why it is better is because you can get your own table in stead of shearing a table.

My new class is amazing because we have the most nice's teacher in Pt England school. My class has good people in it. My class doesn't have naughty people in it.

I am looking forward to going up a higher level in Reading, Writing, Literacy and Maths. I am trying to aim for gold in everything and do my very best for everything. It is really hard because we have to be at school on time if we want to do things.

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