Monday, 10 April 2017

How Sea Turtles Grow Into Adults

How Sea turtles grow into adults

The early life of a green sea turtle is full of sea creatures. Only 1 in 1,000 baby sea turtles survive from it’s predators. From it’s nest into the sand, it chip it’s way out of it’s egg using an egg tooth or small horn, on the end of it’s beak. It’s mother is not there to help it. Instead it is greeted by Crabs, and Dogs waiting to eat it. To survive the baby sea turtle must hide inside the sand until night when it can scramble to the sea undetected. Once it is in the water then it is safe from the predators that are outside the water but the predators that are in the water can eat them.

The small sea turtles have to swim there hardest towards the waves to reach the ocean. In the sea it struggles to find food. It must keep itself safe and from not being the prey or being eaten by Tiger Sharks or other fish. The little sea turtles swims in the ocean for more than 1 year Before returning to the beach. If they make it before morning it will be better because of the predators won’t see them and they won’t be there. It makes it easier for the Mum sea turtle to lay her eggs. Once it is done she leave’s them and goes back into the ocean.

Did you know that when the Mum sea turtle goes back into the ocean. She can live up to 80 year. When she leaves her eggs on the beach she was 20 years old because it takes 20 years for sea turtles to lay their eggs. So basicly turtles can live up to 100 years old. When 3-4 weeks have passed the little baby sea turtles hatch and come up to the surface. Once they are up to the surface it is very very hard to get them to the water fast because they are so small. They are probably the size of a newborn baby’s hand and that is really really small.

When they are adult the transform. First they are still little babies and they are still swimming in the water then all of a sudden they just transform to an adult. But 99% (when the are eggs) of them die and the rest survive.  When they are swimming 99.1% of them die and there are only 2 more sea turtles left. They die in the ocean by position gas the goes in the ocean and separates. When the gas comes to them they know that they are endangered. When the gas comes to them and they have know way out they know that they are going to die.

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