Tuesday, 2 May 2017

How To Make A Structure - With Tooth Picks and Jellybeans

Shelley, Aneelis, Jasmyne, Anna - How to a Structure with tooth picks and jellybeans
Today we had to make a Structure with tooth picks and jellybeans. Mrs Judd had to split us up into 5/6 groups and we had to make one that would hold books and it had to be strong. It had to be strong to hold because the books were very weighty because they were big books. the people in my group there name were Aneelis, Jasmyne, Anna and me. We all mad one and combined it all together but when Mrs Judd tries it she put two books on and it started to brake. Everyone started to laugh but we didn't care much about it at all.
Kosini, Zack, David, Troy - How to a Structure with tooth picks and jellybeans
When Kosini, Zack, David, Troy tried to make it the books were to heavy and it squashed the jellybeans and everyone was laughing at them and they were

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