Monday, 1 May 2017

The Start of Term 2 Week 1

                         Team 5
This morning is the start of term 2 and we had an immersion assembly. Each of the team's had to perform a item. Team 5's item was Bob the Builder and it was an item about Creating Something useful for Team 5. We had to identify what was going on in Team 5 that we needed to sort out. Some of the teachers talked about having Cushion. Some of them think about having Hooks for the bags.

                         Team 4
Team 4 was learning about Technology through the year and Maori Technology. Mrs Goodwin was thinking of making a time machine that can travel back in time. Mrs Scanlen thought and talked about her old phone that could not texts only ring. They all agreed to one thing and it was to research Maori Technology.

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