Monday, 19 May 2014

How Maui slowed the sun.

A long time ago the sun moved fast along the sky.

 this boy name maui He Had brothers that Had dark skin.

 maui made a plane with His brothers about the sun
to slowed it down
 because the people did not get their jobs done.

  the next day maui asked His brothers hey can Help Him.

 Maui and His brothers went outside to get some flax  and went inside their house to make magic ropes.

 then they went to look for the sun.

 the sun came up and maui said “now brothers now” and then they caught the sun.

 maui started beating him up the sun said, dont  beat me dont beat me muui seed im not beat you up  said maui I'm trying to slow you down through the day so we can get some more work done.

 they let the sun go  he felt weak and he felt tired  then the sun moved slowly across the clouds Then the sun moved slowly across the sky.

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Velvet worm

Monday, 12 May 2014

Gulls of Sulphur Bay

Seagull, Sea Birds, Coast,Gulls of Sulphur Bay

Magma makes the water go hot and the fish doesn't like it.

The magma eats inside the birds feet and it is really sore.

Some of the birds can be wild some of the animals tried to attack some of the eggs.
But the mother tried and tried her best to keep them away from them away from her. egg.

When people want to go for a swim they saw the birds nest they went to go and have a. look they were going to take the eggs the mum was so scared they attacked them they side run.

This news article is about the Pumpkin going in lake this Man Name Tim Harris. he had A Pumpkin. he practices hopping into the Pumpkin when his wife came out. she saw him riding the pumpkin. she said that his wife was shocked. she said to him that don't let the kids have a teran on the pumpkin. one day there was a race when he raced he fall in but. he had his life jacket on. so he does not sink.

Monday, 5 May 2014

In the holidays

In the holidays. me my 2 sisters and my brother. went to the beach. when we got their we had to set it up our picnic and we eat all off the food It was so amazing.