Friday, 24 February 2017

Explanation Writing 2017

My house is my Special Community because it has my family in it filled with lots and lots of aroha (means love) in it. My family is something really really special to me because they always buy food for me and they do all kinds of stuff for me. I have the nicest family in the whole wide world. My family members are the same to because they make Cook Island food and they don’t just cook it for them they cook it for everyone. My other family members make the most delicious puddings. One time we had Custard but we put it in the fridge and waited for it to cool down. When it was cool enough we took it out and got Biscuits and crunch it up with our hands and we mixed it together and we chopped some Bananas up and threw them in and mix it in with the Custard and Biscuits and together it tasted really really yum.

My family is my star and I am there star to. I really love my family and my some of my family’s the have passed on just like my Papa. He was the best Papa ever. But I still miss him. My Papa was like a really big star for me and he still is that big star. I will always love my Papa and he will always be in my heart because that’s what family is for.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Maths Word Problems

WALT -  Use the reversibility strategy to solve division problems

This year we are learning how to solve Maths Word Problems.

Water Worries

WALT -  Support all my answers with evidence from the text
This Term we are learning about Water Worries. Water Worries is kid of like the Water Cycle.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Water Wise: Water Cycle

WALT - I make sense of new information before, during and after reading by connecting it to myself, texts I know and my world.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Matchstick Patterns

WALT -  Continue a sequential pattern and find a rule 

Explanation Writing: How does it work in Team 5?

Explanation Writing

How does it work in Team 5?

In team 5 we have assembly’s every morning at 8:30am. We have to be at school between 8:00am or 8:30am. The doors for our space is opened always at 8:00. We do Singing and karkias.

Every morning when we get to school we have to hang up our bags and take of our shoe’s. When we go into class we have to put all the chairs down. It only takes us 6 minutes to take all the chairs down in the whole space.

We have this thing called Tech. We have to walk from Pt England school to Tamaki College. For Tech we do cool and fun stuff.

The year 8’s go Tech every Tuesday. The year 7’s go Tech every Thursday. Today I am going to Tech with all my friends and all the other people.

When we come back from Tech we come back 1:00. We grab our lunch out of our bag and go outside to eat and play. If we don’t have a hat and we are in the sun we get in trouble from our teacher’s.

We are at the top of the school now and we have to show the little kids how to behave and walk in a straight line. If we don’t show the little kids how to behave and we act silly then they will do the same. They will be silly to.

If we are really naughty we have to go to Mrs Tele’a. We have to do this thing called Re-think. We have to sit on the mat in room 3.

For Tech we have group’s Tahi, Rua and Toru. I think I am in Rua. For Rua since the teacher for art is not here we are doing carving.

It is really cool because we got to see some Maori Panels. Maori Panels is really cool and it is such a fun thing to do. It even has a laser machine.

We even got to look at Maori Panels it looks so cool. It is so cool at Tamaki College. It has been so much fun.

When we got back from tech we had lunch straight away. But it was really hot when we got back. It was so hot that we had to stay in the classrooms for a little longer.