Friday, 9 September 2016

Olympic Narrative

Walt: Narrate a story about an Olympic athlete getting lost in Barra, Rio.

On a hot refreshing sunny day in Brazil Rio the Olympics had just started. “Isabell Werth was walking with her friends and got board so she pluged in her earphones in and listening to Pia Mia, Chris Brown and Tyga hot songs Do It Again.”

As she was walking she didn’t notice she was in the wrong building and she went to sleep and woke up. “Ahhh!!” she screamed.”What am I doing here?” She was realised she was at the London Eye. When they started spinning it she was terrified. But when it finished her hair was all tied in a knot.

She kept asking and asking people if they knew the way back to the Olympic Park. Isabell asked a lady if she knew, and the woman gave her a map. She said “ This would help you find you way back”. The it was the time Isabell came to a man and he gave her a spinning arrow that led her right towards where she wanted to go.

If she uses those things together it will help her get back the the Olympic Park. So she added up those things together and it gave her heaps of clues of where to go.

The next day when she final arrived at the Rio Olympics she was tired. Isabell didn’t know what was going on. But when she woke up she was dreaming.

They wanted to tested her blood results to see if she cheated or not. When they found out they kicked her out and she had to give them her the gold, Silver and bronze medals the ones she won.

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