Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Term 2 week 6 Exponents follow up 2015

Walt: Use more than one strategy to solve multiplication number problems
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This is how I got my by using division and multiplication. 56 divide by 7=8
56 divide by 8=7 and then 8x7=56 7x8=56. That's how I got my answer.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Solving Problem

Walt: Use more than one strategy to solve multiplication number problems

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Creating an Info Poster

Walt: Create a detailed introduction to hook the audience

I was learning about anzac. Anzac is something that Soldiers and Germans have wars. If you want to find out more go to

Monday, 18 May 2015

Creating an Info Poster

A boy name joey was lying in bed and his dad said hey joey do you want to go to a dawn parade. He said dad what is a dawn parade his dad said wait and see. So when it came to the dawn parade he was surprised. When he saw it he saw Soldiers marching/ people he even saw the mayor. She was wearing something really strange. It looked like a gold chain that she was wearing.

When you were a gold chain it shows everyone that you are the mayor and you discuss stuff.

Free Blog Writing

On Sunday we went to the market. And I saw mashele and her dad. She looked so pretty and gangster with her hat. We went to the A.M.I netball court one. We always go their to buy donuts and mayonnaise. It was so yummy.

Then after we finished we went and drove up the mountain. But we were still eating. We never got into trouble by the police. When we went up the mountain it was packed. So we went to another mountain. It was still cool though.

Reviewing a game

Name of Game: Run 2

How do you score/ win: To score a try you have to try and get a gold coin at the end of the game.

Difficulty: 8/10

Fun: 10/10


To pass a level you have to go all the way to the end. If you don’t pass the level then you don’t get to go up a level. There are no walls on the side so if you go to the side you will fall off and start again.

Monday, 11 May 2015


On friday morning we had a assembly about anzac. On anzac day we were celebrating the Soldiers that fighted against the germans that had the wars. when the Soldiers and germans died were they had the war some poppies started growing.They were a bright red, a dark black,a light yellow and a fancy green. Those were the colors that were a part of the Poppies. Poppies are important to us because they remember the people who died for NZ to keep us safe.

So after that when the war had ended people came home and other people were asking where their husbands were they never replied. They carried the Soldiers down from the big boat they came back on. Everyone was staring at the people on the boat. Everyone did not look happy they looked sad. They knew that something had happened to their husbands. The Soldiers buried them because they had died.

When they were in the war they saw a black dog. They trained it. They walked past houses that had been blown by big guns. They walked past died horses.

Friday, 1 May 2015

My Holiday Highlight

In the holidays I went to Rotorua and played games. It was fabulous. It was so fabulous because we got to play with stuff like lego, transformers, and other fantastic things. We had pop-corn, the buttery flavour. After that we came back to NZ and we went to Rainbows end.

Me and my 2 sisters went on the Fear fall. It was so scary I was going to cry like a little baby. My brother wanted to come on but my Dad said no because he was too small and you have to be 8 or over. But he was lucky he got to go on the dragon ride. But he went with my Dad.