Monday, 30 March 2015

Writing Recount

This morning when I got up I dressed up in my whole uniforme and was on my way to school. But when I got there I was so excited.

because my friend Gwynn got blindfolded. It was scarey for me not Gwynn. When I was blindfolded I had to climb the monkey bars and it was not scary. Then Mr Somerville said it is time to go so we got all our stuff and went. we had a fun day today don’t you think. Our whole class went and got blindfolded

Mālama Honua comes to Pt Englad

Displaying 20150325_093606.jpgHI welcome to the Mālama Honua waka that came to Pt England School. On Tuesday the 24th of March two different waka named Hokule’a and Hikianalia came to Pt England. We did get to see them and we will see them again maybe. If they let us. At the end we had to sing - He Hone - Na Waka - Eho. And we had to go down where the sand was and high five their hands.

Displaying 20150325_101041.jpgWhen we went back up I high fived all the teachers. I said thank you to them because they traveled all the way to Point England beach from Hawaii to see us and other schools. Like - Saint Patricks - Tamaki College - Glenbrae and other schools. It was fun because one day I would like to go on a boat and do what they are doing!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Duffy Recount

Last week we went to the duffy show and so 3 people their were 2 girls and one boy. In the middle it was funny cause this lady done an indian dance it was so funny. I was laughing hard out and I could not stop lagging. Then at the end they sang a song and we joined in.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Omaru Creek

One Wednesday we all went down to Omaru Creek and we had a little talk about keeping her nice and tidy. Because she was so dirty. She was getting more and more yucky and smaller.