Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Chocolate Game

Walt: write an effective recount
The Chocolate GameBar Chocolate, Brown, Sweet,

WALT: write an effective recount
This week you are going to write a recount about your experience during the chocolate game. Think about your audience. You need to write 4-5 paragraphs. Remember each paragraph is at least 5-6 sentences.
Key Vocabulary and Sentence Beginnings: Click on this link to see some words you may need for your writing below. Make sure to highlight the vocab you have used in your own text.
Text Structure:

Paragraph One: Introduction

Paragraph Two:

Paragraph Three:

Paragraph Four: Conclusion

- Intro: What, where, when
Choc game, in class with my friends, Mr S first day back,

- 2nd Para: Strategies

- 3rd Para: Title

- Conclusion: title
Chocolate Game:
The Chocolate game. On the 27th of October in 2015 we played the chocolate game. We all had to roll one dice at a time. All the boy’s and all the girls’ had a turn each. It was played  at Point England School. In class 7 Mr S first day back we played the Chocolate game for 15 - 20 minutes.

Mr Somerville said that the rule’s are you can’t pick the Chocolate up with your hands. He avetchele said to pick it up with the knife and fork. We had to roll a six to eat a bit Chocolate. One rule was important. It was about sitting in the circle to take turns. If we roll the dice far.

Cutting/Eating Pieces
The third thing is that we had to cut the Chocolate with the knife or fork. When it was my turn I got Chocolate on the floor. A boy called Billy and Zack had most of the Chocolate to their self. It was so funny because when someone went up another one went up. After that when Zach went up he eat six and there were six left to eat. Before that junior went up and he got 4 - 5 turns.

At the end we were all laughing. Mr S was having a bit of a laugh. We were saying thank you.

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