Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Narrative Camping Writing

WaltNarrate a story that includes an orientation, problem and solution

One day there was a girl named Syriah. She went camping with her friend’s and family. She went exploring around and then she fell through this big hole that took her to the forest. When she fell she heard a large ROAR!!. She heard growling noises. Her friend’s called her and called her she never answered.

Syriah saw Mr Rabbitte. She said “hello Mr Rabbit can you help me? I am lost”. Syriah said where am I?. Mr Rabbitte said you are in North America. Can you tell me how to get home? “Yes” Mr Rabbitte said “anything for you”.

“Do you see that light there just keep going straight into the light and you will find your way back home in no time. Thank you Mr Rabbitte “said Syriah. She finally found her way back home and she was happy. She said mom and dad I have been exploring out in the forest. It was so cool. I meet Mr Rabbitte.

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