Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Immersion Assembly

Walt: Explain what you did during your holidayRecount what happened during Immersion Assembly

In the holidays I went to Rarotonga. It was so cool because we got to climb the tree’s, watch the Coconut Crabs roll the coconut’s. We would always go swimming at the beach. After we finished swimming we ate Taro and Coconut cream.

The next day we came back and got lots of rest. Some of us were tired some of us were still hungry and some of us had a sore stomach. We were in the toilets for 2-4 hours.

On Sunday we went to church. When we finished church it was nice breezy and sunny. It was so hot that we hoped in the pool as soon as we got home.

If we were to go swimming we would have to leave or clothes on the line. The line goes right across the coconut trees. If we left them there the crabs would take it. That is why we only stay in there for a little bit of minutes.

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