Friday, 17 March 2017

ASB Polyfest

                                                                ASB Polyfest

Yesterday on Thursday team 5 went on a trip to the ASB Polyfest to check out Their  Performances, Store’s and many other things. Yesterday our trip for Polyfest was an education for us because we got to experience stuff like in the army how we hold the guns but there guns were heavy as. There was 2 Pistols, a Grenade launcher and a Machine Gun. The reason why I think Polyfest is important for students is because it has lots of learning and it is a type of experience for the students, teacher and Parent helpers. My Sister and I Participated in the Polyfest and other people to but this was just my whanau and our community. I have just explained about where we were going on Thursday and what did we do at Polyfest and who Participated in it and who in our Community Participated in it.

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