Monday, 10 April 2017

Jack The Giant Killer

Title: Jack The Giant Killer

One day a little boy called Jack he was just standing and doing nothing. When his Mother came along and told him ‘ you need to milk the cow’s‘. Jack replied and said I don’t want to milk this Stupid, Fat, Brown, Cow. So he decided to sell the Cow at the market so he doesn’t have to milk the Cow anymore. When he was walking towards the market a man was doing something and he saw the Cow so he asked Jack ‘ What are you doing and Jack said I am selling it at the market‘. He said I’ll buy it of you for beans what beans said Jack not any beans Magic beans.

When he went home he told his Mum and his Mum couldn't believe what he just did with the Cow. His Mum had threw the Magic beans out the window and we they went outside in the ground and it started shaking and shaking and it didn’t stop but it stoped and it was a Giant Beanstalk.

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