Monday, 22 September 2014

Cross country run

On Thursday all classes had to go down to the courts. We had to wait patiently in the hot steaming sun for what seemed like forever for the cross country races to begin. As far as my eye could see I spotted strange kids wearing  silly wigs, and funky costumes. Our house captains jumped out of no were.

My house’s cheer were the best. We
screamed out our cheer as loud as we could. I said woo hoo!” at the end.

At the start the year 4 girls lined up were the line was. When I heard the clap I came out like a bolitte. I was feeling  so excited. My heart was beating like I had never been in the cross country race before. I was trying not to stop at all. When I got in the middle of the field I was so tyerde that I could feel the pain in my leg. I heard my family cheering me I said to myself that I am a champion and I came first out of the girls. I felt like the man.

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