Thursday, 11 September 2014

Shelley you are Goldilocks

I have been learning to write complete sentences, add details, and change the beginnings of my sentences.

One hot summer afternoon I was swinging on my swing. I saw a butterfly  in the bush and a rabbit came along and frightened the butterfly away. I tried to catch it but it was so shy that it didn't want to be touched. Then I skipped to the forest and  I spotted a cottage. Oh there were three bears. One was father bear, mother bear and baby bear. They eat their delicious porridge. It was too hot. So they went for a walk. I came into their house and tried daddy bears porridge it was to hot. Mummy bears porridge was too gooey. Baby bear's porridge was just right. I gobbled it all up burp. I went into the lounge and tried big fat daddy bears chair it was too high. Then I hop on mummy bears couch but it was too soft. After she tried baby bears chair it was just perfect eek I broke it. I went upstairs into a room that had 3 beds. I tried the biggest one it was too big for me to climb. I tried the medium one it was too soft that  I'd always slipped off. Then I tried the smallest bed it was just right. but when the bears returned they went to their porridge and said someone's been eating my porridge. They looked at the chairs someone had been on my chair baby bear was crying. oh my someone was on my bed. Baby bear said Someone is one my bed right now. I woke up and ran out aah. I was so scared that they ‘d do something to me. I ran and found my teddy bear and my house.
and because there are so

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