Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Compeer Christchurch To Auckland

Walt: Find comparisons and differences between items and provide proof

This week we had to compare Christchurch to Auckland. We created a presentation to show our ideas. When then created a Padlet with information from the story that proved our ideas. I learnt that Christchurch has colourful buildings because to help make the locals happy and grateful for surviving the earthquake. They also started painting the side of buildings because the art gallery was demolished during the 2010 earthquake. This way, the locals still get to see art from local artists.

Last week we learnt about comparing Christchurch to Auckland. In Auckland only had silver building’s but Christchurch has colourful building’s. Before the Earthquake came the building’s in Christchurch were knocked over and people survived and some people did not. Then they decided to paint the building’s to make it look nice and colourful.

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