Monday, 22 June 2015

Explaining My Game

I am going to be explaining what my game is called. The name of my game is called Saving the world. Our task was to make a side scrolling games. We also had to tell the audience what was happening.

My lead Character is a girl and she has to save the world before the enemies destroy the city. My lead character is in the city, If I don’t defeat the enemies then they will destroy the whole world. Our Mission is to take the guards out. Before they take us out.

My Character faces some bad guys with armor, knives, sword and guns. If you defeat one of them then you get 50 points but If you kill two you get 100 points. If they kill you they win and you have to start from the beginning. I win by getting many of them down as quickly as possible.

To jump you push the Spacebar, To shoot you have to push Shift button, To go right and left you have to push the right button and the left button.

My character will be facing a big ogre, wolf’s, Shark’s and a killer whale.

My game fixes the problem by saving the world greatest bird. Thank you for watching my game maybe you can make your own game one day It will be very very hard for you to make. Thank you for playing my game.

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