Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Shelley's Writing Reflection

On friday morning we had a assembly about anzac. On anzac day we were celebrating the Soldiers that fighted against the germans that had the wars. when the Soldiers and germans died were they had the war some poppies started growing.They were a bright red, a dark black,a light yellow and a fancy green. Those were the colors that were a part of the Poppies. Poppies are important to us because they remember the people who died for NZ to keep us safe.

So after that when the war had ended people came home and other people were asking where their husbands were they never replied. They carried the Soldiers down from the big boat they came back on. Everyone was staring at the people on the boat. Everyone did not look happy they looked sad. They knew that something had happened to their husbands. The Soldiers buried them because they had died.

When they were in the war they saw a black dog. They trained it. They walked past houses that had been blown by big guns. They walked past died horses.
 I am proud I have improved that my writing makes sense and I use it in my own words. I will remember the next time I write I will add lot’s of details to my writing. And I will try my best and think really hard. My goal for writing is to make sure it makes sense. Also to make sure that I use speech marks when people are talking in my story and to put it into my own words.

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